Dead to Writes, S3 E68: Caro Soles, author of the Merculian mystery series

Author Caro Soles (the Merculian mystery series) joins Donna to discuss her up-coming 2020 releases.

Carrick Publishing welcomes short crime story submissions for our Fall 2020 anthology: A Grave Diagnosis. Visit our site for submission guidelines:

Dead to Writes – S2, E26: July is Hell

In this week’s episode:

    • Our #ReadersOnTheRun segment features “July is Hell”, a flash fiction short by Canadian Crime Writer Melodie Campbell. Our story first appeared in Thirteen, Carrick Publishing
    • Donna reviews Kitchen Confidential, adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, a rollicking exposé of some of today’s hottest kitchens, by Anthony Bourdain, the star of the award-winning travelogue for foodies, CNN‘s Parts Unknown.
    • Donna discusses the recent loss of celebrity chef and long-time adventurer and host of Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain. Memories of former Southam Inc. CEO Harvey Southam, who ended his own life in 1991. Donna reveals some lesser known truths about suicide, gleaned from close personal and family experience, and the masks we wear to conceal our suffering
    • Donna prepares to review The Outsider by Stephen King in next week’s episode.
    • Donna announces the recent launch of People Like Us, a haunting and beautiful literary novel by Caro Soles.
    • Author Dee Wilson (GOT, The Keeper’s Truth) joins Donna. Dee and Donna delve into the making of an award-winning novel

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