Dead to Writes – S1, E19: The Grief Machine

In this week’s episode:

    • Our #ReadersOnTheRun segment features “The Grief Machine”, a SciFi Fantasy tale of comic woe by Alex Carrick from “Five Scoops” is an Addiction (Carrick Publishing, 2012)
    • Dead to Writes and Carrick Publishing send congratulations to all of the Arthur Ellis 2018 nominees
    • We talk about the multiple earthquakes and lava eruptions forcing evacuations of hundreds of residents in Hawaii
    • The 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature will not be awarded this year, due to allegations of sexual misconduct by photographer Jean-Claude Arnault. Donna discusses the penalty to our industry
    • Donna interviews Dr. Junying Kirk, author of the Journey to the West Trilogy
    • Junying and Donna discuss the deeply personal aspects of literary fiction and the common threads that bind us together across continents
    • Junying shares insights into the cultural revolution and its impact on the creative drive
Our May Line-up:
May 1: Interview with organized crime expert and freelance journalist Stephen G. Metelsky ( and short story reading of “Prepared”, Donna Carrick (Carrick Publishing)
May 6: Interview with author Junying Kirk (The Journey to the West trilogy) and short story reading of “The Grief Machine”, Alex Carrick
May 13: Interview with author Judy Penz Sheluk (Skeletons in the Attic, The Hanged Man’s Noose) and reading of short story “Live Free or Die”, Judy Penz Sheluk, World Enough and Crime anthology, Carrick Publishing
May 20: Interview with author Russell Parkway (The Demeter Code) and reading of “Doctor Shediac”, Donna Carrick, World Enough and Crime, Carrick Publishing
May 27: Interview with renowned host of Conversations LIVE Cyrus Webb and reading of “Appearances”, Donna Carrick, North on the Yellowhead

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