Dead to Writes – S1, E23: Corner Store

In this week’s episode:

    • Our #ReadersOnTheRun segment features “Corner Store”, a crime thriller/family drama by Donna Carrick, which first appeared in North on the Yellowhead, and other crime stories, Carrick Publishing.
    • Donna reviews Safe, an a British crime series on Netflix, written by Harlan Corben, starring Michael C. Hall and Amanda Abbington
    • Donna interviews Lizbeth Meredith, author of the haunting memoir Pieces of Me, about her search and recovery of her kidnapped daughters
    • Lizbeth and Donna discuss writing prompts and motivation as well as the benefits of professional associations
Our June Line-up:
June 1: Interview with renowned host of Conversations LIVE Cyrus Webb and reading of “Watermelon Weekend”, Donna Carrick, nominated for the 2014 Arthur Ellis Best Short Story Award, featured in Thirteen by the Mesdames of Mayhem, Carrick Publishing, 2013
June 3: Interview with author Lizbeth Meredith (Pieces of Me) and short story reading of “Corner Store”, Donna Carrick
June 10: Interview with author Michael Jecks (the Knights Templar series) and reading of short story “Appearances”, Donna Carrick, North on the Yellowhead, Carrick Publishing
June 17: Interview with author Jennifer Berg (the Elliot Bay mystery series) and reading of “Delights in Novelty”, Brad Ling, World Enough and Crime, Carrick Publishing
June 24: Interview with Canadian Crime writer Dee Wilson and reading of “July is Hell”, Melodie Campbell, Thirteen

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