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June 17, 2018, Episode 25: Delights in Novelty

Donna reviews Trumpocracy, the Corruption of the American Republic

I’ve got to tell you about a fantastic book I’ve been listening to on Audible. It’s by  former White House speechwriter, and Atlantic columnist and media commentator David Frum,  titled Trumpocracy, The Corruption of the American Republic. Narrated by James Anderson Foster and published by Harper Audio, Trumpocracy is a must read… or in this case must listen, for anyone who is truly interested in understanding what is happening in the western world.

Exceptionally well written, (and we would expect nothing less from Frum) this work is also based on a bedrock of knowledge and research, first hand experience in the modern day conservative movement.

Frum speaks from a place of undoubted conservative credentials. He speaks to both liberals and conservatives from all points on the spectrum.

Trumpocracy is at once a cold hard look at the truth and a fact-based horror story. It’s a True Crime novel that takes place even as the crime is underway.

Frum’s unrelenting reliance on fact-based evidence rather than hyperbole creates an even more terrifying view of the current climate.

Frum speaks to us as a friend. He speaks as a concerned citizen with an exceptional inside view. He speaks to both liberals and conservatives, and his words are unrelentingly compelling.

Dear listeners, I don’t care what political flag you carry. I urge you, in fact I plead with you, to read or listen to this important book: Trumpocracy by David Frum.